Thursday, October 18, 2007

plan for $display_id will be renewed for another year

I received an email from Yahoo! today with this in the subject line "Your Yahoo! Custom Mailbox plan for $display_id will be renewed for another year". I've seen recently that Yahoo! has been hurting and that they have been losing customers, but I can't imagine why.

I used to host all my small business domain registrations and email with Yahoo! Starting a year ago, I moved nearly all my paid services away from Yahoo!. It became clear to me over time that they didn't really intend to actually support their small business services. I challenge anyone to send an email to Yahoo! Small Business support, you can't. There is no means to contact them. At best, you can fill in a generic form that gets lost in the ether (I've tried that a few times too and nobody has ever responded).

No thanks, I'll take my money somewhere that has staff capable of correctly generating a mail merge and that will actually respond to my emails when I have a hosting issue.

Yahoo! is and will be my portal, but come on guys. Maybe Jerry can correct the course, I hope so.

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